What Makes Portable Storage So Compelling

The Advantage Over Self –Storage Units

As an opening remark the advantage of a portable storage unit is, the unit can be brought to the source for loading. The source of the items designated for storage, is a home or business establishment needing to create extra space for a given location or to facilitate a move from one point to another. In addition, the size of a portable unit varies, much like that of a unit located in a facility designed for self storage. As an example, let us look at how a major department store utilizes the use of a portable storage unit or ‘portable storage pods’, (short for portable on demand).

Not many people are privy to this kind of information unless they work in a retail environment year around. In this same light, not all department stores are endowed with enough storeroom space to accommodate the influx of products during the holidays, specifically Christmas. With this aspect in mind, we can consider that as the truckloads of merchandise, enter the building and the space in the storeroom diminishes. It is only logical that more space and smarter use of the space they have is expedient.

When Do Retailers Justify the Use of Portable Storage Pods?

Given the nature of the retail business, we must look at the size of the store as compared to the size allowed for storage. Moreover, we could consider whether or not the business utilizes any sort of material handling/location system, not too important for this article, but something to ponder in other cases. Let us begin with a department store the size of your local Kohl’s, JC Penny, or Sears. The average sales floor for one of these is around 100,000 square feet. The average storeroom is around 5,000 square feet. That is allowing for 5% of the total space for storage. Seems very unbalanced, nevertheless, as the holiday week approaches more merchandise appears on the shelves, leaving only floor space for bulk stacking. This leaves very little room for maneuvering when retrieving items to go to the sales floor.

When this begins to happen, it is time to obtain a portable storage pods. I mentioned a material handling/location system or MLS, because when things become bulk stacked in a storeroom, or warehouse for that matter, things can get out of hand when trying to locate them. Once a portable storage pods or two are obtained area identifiers may be assigned that facilitate item locations. Nevertheless, this is not a scenario for a homeowner wishing to use a portable storage pods for a move or general storage. However, when the use of more than one portable storage pods becomes necessary some kind of identification system is in order.

In closing having the need for storage is one of those things that changes from time to time and as a family or a business grows so does the need for space. Furthermore, when moving  is imminent, a portable storage pod,  is handy because it can be delivered to the point of origin for packing and delivered to the destination point or stored at another location until such time that it is needed  for unpacking. They are convenient and cost effective for any circumstance when travel to and from a storage facility and loading and unloading multiple times becomes an issue.

Interesting Stats about American Movers

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